Visit the Craft Studio - Fun for Everyone!


We have an amazing  studio with lots of crafts, you can book a table or just pop in.  We have lots to  choose from, our staff will guide you through the choices and help is always on hand.


We offer Pottery Painting, Decopatch, Adopt-A-Bear and Funky Foam  but watch out; we will soon be adding more crafts.

Pottery Painting

Pottery Painting

Simply select from our wide range of bisque and create your own design using the materials provided. Once you have finished, we will glaze and fire it to produce a unique piece of pottery.

An Ideal Gift

Because what you produce truly is "one of a kind", pottery painting makes an ideal gift for someone special. You can add your own messages for special occasions. Perhaps you have recently had a baby in the family; you can produce a piece featuring baby's hand prints and/or foot prints to create a priceless piece of family history... a perfect gift for Parents and Grandparents. How about a wedding plate to remember that special day or a lovely tea pot for mummy’s birthday.

Kids Love It

Children will love to come and paint their own little pottery ornaments to take pride of place in their bedrooms. We heaps of different animals, money boxes, princess castles, dinosaurs, mermaids, Disney characters, the list is endless.

Spoil Yourself

How about painting something practical and fun for yourself. We have a wide range of cups, mugs, plates, bowls, serving dishes, spoon rests, trays, money boxes etc  just too many pottery items to mention
Why not come for a visit, see our wonderful range of pottery and enjoy a delicious coffee.

Perfect for Parties

Looking for something different for your party? Then bring your friends to Kingsley Crafts.  See our Party Page for all things fun!

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Decopatch is an amazing papercraft loved by the young and not so young alike. These beautiful papers are often used on paper mache but actually getting brilliant results on any surface: Wood, ceramics, card, glass, plastic, wicker, metal etc.

Decopatch results are always amazing. It’s easy to do and can be done both in our Studio or you can take it away to do at home. This addictive craft makes a wonderful activity and will keep everyone happy for hours at a time.

Decopatch is the only paper that produces a real paint effect and a smooth texture. Decopatch is deepdyed and glazed and will not break apart when glued and because this paper is very thin but incredibly strong and flexible it’s easy to use with amazing results every time.

Decopatch is also the perfect way to recycle those loved items of furniture that are looking a bit tired and sad. With Decopatch you can create any image, whether it is modern, vintage, funky or understated.  There is a Decopatch paper for every mood.

We also do great Decopatch Parties; see our party page for more details.

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Adopt a bear

Choose from a fantastic selection of adorable bear and animal skins.We have teddy bears, rabbits, crocodiles, meerkats, elephants, polar bears, ducks, tigers, dolphins, dogs and many many more designs.

Children have wonderful fun choosing their own bear or animal,  filling it with stuffing and making a wish with the secret star.  They then get to design their bear or animals very own t-shirt, make a birth certificate and decorate a bag for their pet to be taken home in.

Once at home they will simply love the pet that they have made and we are sure it will become a favorite. 

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